Fruits of emergency crafting.

note to self - get better at taking pictures.. somehow. 

second from the top - sold (I may make couple more, since I have 2 more lapis drops left)

third from the top is slightly better image of the necklace/earring set I was freaking out about earlier today.

the worst part is - mathwise, it wasn’t even worth it.  between travel and gas and hubs taking a personal day so that dog is not stuck alone for too long (he gets paid but not as much as if he just went to work), I barely broke even.  so much for contributing to repaying our car repair bills…

wasn’t just me though having fewer sales and interesting thing to note. last year I made several sales for cash.  this year?  every single one was credit card.  it paints an interesting financial picture to me at least…

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  5. teadrinkingdragon said: Sorry the sales weren’t very high. *hugs* Those are some amazing pieces though! Are you able to try them on etsy or somewhere similar? Or is it not worth the hassle?
  6. spiritofemby said: Oh my god the third one is stunningly gorgeous
  7. milli-tricks said: I think your pictures would turn out better with the pieces against a black matte background. And make sure the camera is very still. And that’s the extent of my photography knowledge. But very nice pieces.
  8. taterbonr said: wait the third one did it sell yet?
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